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Short Bio

Cody Crabb is a podcast and video production specialist, helping individuals and businesses with their content needs. He also creates Descript tutorials on YouTube and has launched dozens of podcasts for clients across all genres, including Love & Justice, the new true crime hit. With a background in music composition and production, Cody transitioned into full-time audio and video production after a grueling decade in the corporate world. Visit his website or book a call to see how he can help with your audio or video needs, and try out Descript for free with his link.

Full Bio

Cody Crabb is a podcast and video production specialist based in Salt Lake City. He helps people turn their idea into an awesome podcast or YouTube channel—or make their existing content even better. He also creates tutorials on YouTube about Descript, a bold new take on editing software.

Cody started out with a love of music that carried him through college, where he studied music production and composition. He actually wanted to be a film composer at first, but after finding out more about how competitive and difficult the industry was, he turned his sights elsewhere. After working for a decade in corporate jobs and hating it, he tried to break out of the corporate world by using his audio production skills anywhere he could get work—whether that was writing music for YouTubers, composing arrangements for musical groups, or editing podcasts.

Podcasting quickly took over to become the biggest part of Cody’s audio side hustles—and after sticking to it for years, what started as a few small clients on freelancing websites ended up growing into his full time job. He has now launched dozens of podcasts, with clients in every genre from true crime to infrastructure to weight loss. He was the sole audio producer on the new true crime hit Love & Justice and does audio production, video production and everything in between for many, many clients.

In his ever-dwindling spare time, he also makes ridiculous YouTube videos with his childhood friend Dallyn on his channel Side Quest Guys, a weekly series where Cody and Dallyn attempt to complete life at 100%, doing all the side quests that you normally skip. They’ve attempted everything from pole dancing to being hit with a taser.

Find out more about what Cody does on his website. You can try out Descript using his link, and learn more about how to use it on his YouTube channel. If you need help with your podcast and YouTube channel or just need another set of hands to help with production, book a call with him to see if he can help.